Annual Activity Report 2017 of the SETI Institute

The scientists, educators and outreach professionals of the SETI Institute had yet another banner year of productivity in 2017. We are delighted to present our 2nd annual report, cataloging the research and education programs of the Institute, as well as the myriad of mainstream media stories about our people and our work.

Among the highlights from this year’s report are 147 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, 225 conference proceedings and abstracts, 172 media stories and interviews, and 177 invited talks. The report also highlights 16 of our researchers and educators who were honored with more than twenty different committee chair positions, fellowships and NASA achievement awards for their extraordinary work. Honors and recognitions included:

  • Edna DeVore was selected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Doug Caldwell was cited among the “World’s Most Impactful Researchers” by Clarivate Analytics
  • Fergal Mullally received the NASA 2017 Exceptional Public Achievement Medal for revolutionary Kepler Object of Interest Vetting.
  • Mark Showalter received a NASA Group Achievement Award, granted to the New Horizons team
  • Margaret Race was appointed Senior Scientific Editor of the Astrobiology Journal
  • Driss Takir received a NASA Silver Achievement Medal for contributions to the characterization of asteroid Bennu with the OSIRIS-Rex team

In addition, The SETI Institute was recognized as a “Top 100 NASA Contractor” for 2016 and we received the Alliance Award from the Girl Scouts of Northern California in recognition of outstanding support. Lastly, Mark Showalter, Edna DeVore and Seth Shostak were named as the first Fellows of the Institute.

We’ve added new sections to this year’s report highlighting our contributions to planned and ongoing NASA missions, submission of mission planning concepts, participation on official committees and working groups, and time allocations on major observational platforms, including Arecibo, Greenbank, the Very Large Array (VLA), the Spitzer Space Telescope, SOFIA, Hubble and more.

Sharing our work with the public is a core element of our mission as a world-class research institution. I encourage you to peruse the following pages and get better acquainted with our amazing team and the compelling and impactful work they do.